Guide to Elk Hunting

Your Guide to Colorado Elk Hunting

Welcome to, a website designed by an elk hunter for other elk hunters. I have discovered something that nobody else before me has been able to do before–show you where the elk go when the hunting pressure starts.  I do this by showing you where the best elk habitat is located in the areas you are hunting.  As the mantra for real estate goes–Location, Location, Location–the same mantra applies to elk hunting–Habitat, Habitat, Habitat.  During your next elk hunt, keep the following concept in mind–You should not be hunting for elk, but instead be “hunting” for elk habitat.  In order to find more elk, you need to be able to find quality elk habitat.  This site is intended to be a portal for you to explore both old and new areas to hunt elk, show you where to hunt in a specific area, and even help you decide which GMU would best suit your hunting style.  Take a look around the site and be sure to check out the ElkTracker™ Maps.

Find More Elk by Finding Elk Habitat

Where To Hunt for Elk

Find Elk Habitat and you will find more elk.

ElkTracker™ Maps are, quite simply, the best elk hunting maps ever offered for the state of Colorado. Period. Now I am not going to try to convince you that if you use my maps you are guaranteed to see more elk. However, I will guarantee that the areas I depict on the maps are the most likely areas where you will find elk once the hunting pressure starts. That is because these maps show in detail the areas that have the three things elk need to survive a hunting season—Forage, Cover, and Water—and the elk know where these areas are located. In short, the ElkTracker ™ Map series were designed for Colorado elk hunting and give you the detailed information you need for success in the field by showing you where you should be concentrating your efforts while you are hunting by showing you where the quality elk habitat is located.

From a testimonial:  Overall, the map has some excellent information combined into one map that can be used for your primary hunting map. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this map to anyone looking for a starting point for their upcoming elk hunt.  This is just one more thing to help [read more]…

You are probably asking yourself “What makes ElkTracker™ Maps so different from other maps”? Well, they show you exactly where the more than 6,000 prime elk hunting areas or  “Elk Hot Spots” are located as well as elk security habitat and primary forage areas for almost all of western Colorado. They also depict elk ranges and concentration areas, elk migratory routes and corridors, public/private land ownership, wilderness area boundaries, and USFS roads and trails open to the public. While it is true that you can find some of this information on other maps that are currently available, you will not find it all contained on one easy to read map centered on your area of choice at the level of detail offered on my maps.  To find out more about these features and what they represent on the maps, follow the link to How to use the Maps.

Bull elk during the fall rut of archery hunting season.

Courtesy Jake Bell
Bull Elk in Fall Rut – RMNP

Most importantly, you will not find the readily identifiable “Hot Spots”, security habitat, or primary forage areas on any other map at any price. That is because the scientifically backed methodology used to identify these areas are unique to ElkTracker™ Maps.   These areas were identified by using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and based upon the amount of available quality forage, the density of elk security habitat, the proximity to roads, and the primary migratory routes elk use to move from one range to another range. This type of analysis has never been available to the public until now, and is the only place you will find this level of detail in an elk hunting map.

Find the Right GMU for Your Next Elk Hunt

This is a good place to start, especially if you are looking for a new area in Colorado to go elk hunting. Here you will find loads of information about each Game Management Unit (GMU) such as lands open to the public, success rates based on past years data, elk migration corridors, elk ranges, and some pretty intriguing maps and tables that help summarize all the information on one page for you to view and download.  Another feature that I am considering if there is enough interest is to allow you to specify the characteristics of your ideal GMU and provide a report that ranks the GMUs based on your answers.

Buy/Sell/Trade Hunting Accessories…Coming Soon

Do you have elk hunting equipment or accessories that have been collecting dust in your closet or garage from lack of use? Or maybe you received a gift that you will never use? This page will allow you to view and submit equipment/accessories directly to other hunters who may be interested in items you no longer want or need.