Elk Hunting Tips and Tricks

Elk Hunting Strategies

There are countless strategies to use when hunting elk.  Strategies can also change from year to year based on many factors such as the number of hunters in an area, the weather, the overall health of the forest, the season you are hunting, and the presence or lack of elk sign in an area.  Based on the influence of these factors, what worked the previous years may not be appropriate for the current season.

To be successful, you need to adapt to the current conditions.  What this means is that while you are hunting, you need to slow down and observe the environment around you instead of just walking through the woods looking for elk.  When you see elk sign, look at the terrain and the vegetation in the area and use this information to look for similar areas to hunt.  If you also find elk sign in similar areas, you can start to see a pattern emerge of the type of habitat that elk like to frequent.  Being able to recognize ideal elk habitat is the key to finding more elk.

I have outlined several scenarios below that have worked for me in similar conditions and terrain.  Using these elk hunting tips and applying to similar locations in the areas you are hunting should help to increase your luck in the field.  Click on the images to view the strategy.

But first, some basic rules about elk hunting to help increase your chances for success.

Solo Elk Hunt

Elk Hunting Tips--Solo Elk Hunt

Solo Elk Hunt


The Drive

Elk hunting tips--stategy when hunting with a group.

5 Person Elk Drive