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This map is printed on heavy duty paper and measures 30×32 inches in size.  These maps are designed for hunters who already know the general area they intend to hunt. The Main panel of these maps are drawn at 1:24,000 scale (1 inch on the map = 2,000 feet on the ground), so they show less area (about 7×9 miles) but more detail than the Stealth series. Another distinction that sets this series apart from the Stealth series is that you supply the X,Y coordinates or a landmark such as a mountain peak for the center point of the map. That way, you can have the map centered on your camp, an area where you have had success in the past, etc., for any spot in the state.   They feature elk forage areas, “Hot Spots”,  and USFS roads and trails on National Forest Lands, as well as security habitat, land ownership, elk ranges, and much more statewide.


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