Zone DVD



On the Stealth Reference Map, locate your Zone and enter the number in the field below. Each DVD will contain a minimum of nine PDF maps in a 3×3 grid pattern. For example, if you order Zone 1, the DVD would contain PDFs of maps A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, C1, C2, and C3.



The zone DVD contains at a minimum nine PDF Stealth maps in a 3×3 grid pattern.   These maps have a topographical background and are displayed at 1:48,000 scale (1 inch on the map = 4,000 feet on the ground) in the Main panel. These maps are intended to show a large extent (about 15×18 miles) of the area you intend to hunt and are especially useful if you are new to an area since they allow you to survey a large portion of your hunting area. They feature elk forage areas, “Hot Spots”,  and USFS roads and trails on National Forest Lands, as well as security habitat, land ownership, elk ranges, and much more statewide.


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