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Guide to Elk Hunting

Brand New.  I will now be printing all of my maps on Tyvek.  This makes them waterproof and tear resistant. 

Welcome to, a website designed by an elk hunter for other elk hunters. This site is intended to be a portal for you to explore both old and new areas to hunt elk, find and review local businesses/vendors in the area you intend to hunt, and offer you a way to connect directly with other elk hunters. It is also intended to give local businesses/vendors a place to post their information and give you a chance to check out what they have to offer. What sets this site apart from all others are the ElkTracker™ Maps. These maps show you the prime elk hunting areas or “Hot Spots” based upon the amount of forage, the density of elk security habitat, the proximity to roads, and the primary migratory routes elk use to move from one range to another. This type of analysis has never been available to the public until now, and is the only place you will find this level of detail in an elk hunting map.

Find a Place to Hunt

Where_To_HuntThis is a good place to start, especially if you are looking for a new area to go elk hunting. Here you will find loads of information about each Game Management Unit (GMU) such as lands open to the public, success rates based on past years data, elk migration corridors, elk ranges, and some pretty intriguing maps and tables that help summarize all the information on one page for you to view and download. Also, for selected units and areas, you can find security habitat and forage habitat on our ElkTracker ™ Maps as shown on the example above. The ElkTracker ™ Map series are designed to give you the detailed information you need for a successful hunt and are unique to

Find local hunting businesses

After you have decided where you want to hunt, this page will help you decide who to contact to figure out where to find guides, sporting goods stores, places to stay, etc. that are familiar with the local area. You will also have the opportunity to review your fellow elk hunter’s suggestions and ratings for each of these businesses/vendors (as they become available) or post your own review.

Submit your hunting related business

This page offers businesses/vendors the opportunity to submit your business and contact information and help connect you with elk hunters who may be interested in what you have to offer. Their are three membership levels available. The first will allow you to submit basic contact information about your business to be posted on this website. The next level is the “Business” membership. This level of membership allows you to post your website and contact information, will show your location on a small inset map, and will allow hunters to read or submit reviews of your business. Also, we ask that any business wishing to remain on the site refrain from ‘self promotion’ of their business or ‘trash-talking’ their competitors in the review section. The third level is the sponsor membership. With this membership, you will have your logo posted within the sidebars of almost every page on the website that will link directly to your own website. See the Submit Your Business tab for more details.

Elk Hunting Tips and Facts

Elk_FactsWe are not going to regurgitate advice from other websites and let you think this is our own. Instead, we encourage you to check out this Colorado Parks and Wildlife page for advice from the experts.


Buy/Sell/Trade…Coming Soon

Do you have elk hunting equipment or accessories that have been collecting dust in your closet or garage from lack of use? Or maybe you received a gift that you will never use? This page will allow you to view and submit equipment/accessories directly to other hunters who may be interested in items you no longer want or need.

Braggin’ Page…Coming Soon

So you went out and had a successful hunt, took lots of pictures, and now you cannot wait to show off the results of your superior hunting skills to the rest of the world. This is the place to do it. Here you can upload pictures of your hunt and write a short description if you like of how you managed to be so successful and then tell all your buddies that you are now a ‘published’ author and photojournalist.

Hunter’s Forum…Coming Soon