Digital Hot Spots



On the GMU Map, locate your GMU and enter the number in the GMU Description field below. Please enter the GMU number as GMU 001, GMU 016, or GMU 851.




Receive ESRI shapefiles to import into Google Earth Pro.  Once imported, you can zoom in to an area of interest and print out your own maps.  Also, for the technically savvy, you can export a KMZ file of the Hot Spots out of Google Earth Pro then convert to GPX files to upload to a GPS such as Garmin. I do not offer technical support for this option, but if you are interested you can visit or for some free downloads and help with this option.   A tutorial is  also available to help with loading the shapefiles into Google Earth Pro.  Your elk hunting hot spots and other files will be emailed to you after completing the checkout process.  Included with your order are the following files which can also be imported into Google Earth Pro–your GMU boundary, the elk seasonal ranges (summer, winter, and migration) and land ownership files (BLM, USFS, and CPW) for your GMU.

Before purchasing, please ensure that your GMU of interest contains elk hunting hot spots by clicking here and reviewing the table and the map.  Also, it is assumed that you are familiar with uploading digital files to your GPS or importing shapefiles into Google Earth as no technical support will be available to assist with this process.

Please watch this YouTube video about importing GIS files into a GPS.  If you are not comfortable with this process, I would not recommend purchasing this product if your intent was to upload to your GPS.